Top 10 Marathons in India that will give you a next-level experience (updated 2022)

Are you a runner at heart? Do you like pushing your limits and think about new ways to challenge yourself? Here are the 10 most unique and famous marathons that you must run once in your lifetime. Their one of a kind landscapes, remarkable views, and enthusiastic participants are inspiring and unmatchable.

Forget about the usual city runs. Do you want to have an incredible experience? Then these are the marathons you are looking for.

Famous and Unique Indian marathons

Malnad Ultra

A trial run that is challenging and goes through some of the most enchanting and exciting terrains one can imagine.


 In the Malnad region of Karnataka, also known as the Indian heartland of coffee, the course is laid out at an elevation of 3000 to 4500’. Categories include 50, 80 and 110km. This race is a proud member of AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) and also gives you an opportunity to earn some points for UTMB (The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc - a race of the Ultra-Trail World Tour).

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Go Heritage Run - Hampi

At the World Heritage site of Hampi, time will stop as this run will take you on a journey from the 1st to the 14th century.

Go Heritage Runs is an award-winning series of fun runs organized at various heritage locations, across India throughout the year. Runs that will give you glimpses of the cultural variety of our rich heritage along with fulfilling the desire of an athlete's heart and are the best marathons for beginners.

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Kaveri Trail Marathon 

When you take part in this run, you will realize that it is almost an out of the world experience.


 Accidently located next to Ranganathittu bird sanctuary, its route follows the meandering canal of the river Kaveri close to Balmuri Falls and fields on both sides of the trail that are as green as they can be. Such is the charm of this trail marathon. Race categories are full, half and 10k.

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 Ladakh Marathon

 Along with offering breathtaking views, it can also leave you with breathlessness


 In Ladakh, you can see the breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountain ranges and lush green forests. If you’re a runner at heart and also love traveling to gorgeous places, taking part in this marathon is going to be a treat for you. This run is the highest run in India, being 3500m above sea level. This marathon also includes the Khardungla Challenge, one of the toughest runs in the country, being 5370m above sea level and covering a distance of 72 kilometers. Recently, in 2018, around 6000 athletes participated from 23 different countries.

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 Goa River marathon

 "Goa River Marathon is one of the 10 Great Marathons in the world"

- National Geographic magazine.


A The route that runs along the pristine blue waters of the Zuari River in the paradise of Goa. Such a beautiful river view and tree-shaded path surely make the marathon a smoother experience. You can run for sport or you can run for fun, in fact, we insist that you have fun while you run. If you are a beginner, you need not worry because this marathon organizes a lot of pre-event runs in various parts of Goa and also organizes "how-to" workshops, especially aimed at helping novices and experts alike. Categories include Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and marathon for beginners like 5k Fun Run.

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 Run the Rann Marathon

 The hardest trail running dessert race of India - A test for the bravest and fittest.


Run the ran marathon is organized in the Indus valley civilization and against the biggest salt desert of India, this run gives a tour of the ancient ruins of Dholavira. Over 100 enthusiasts run in two Ultra races 161kms, 101kms and one 51kms. Its trail is a non-stage single circuit and the race does not take place in loops.

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Satara Half Hill Marathon

This iconic, trail running a marathon is known for its eccentric features and challenging character.


 It is a proud member of AIMS and it attracts runners from all over India and athletes from all over the world. The route goes out of the city, allowing participants to explore magnificent sceneries on the hills. The race is 21.097 km long and starts from Talim Sangh ground at 6 am.

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 Extreme Adventure Experience - Everest Marathon, Nepal

 The Highest Marathon in the world - Listed in the Guinness Book of Records


 Ran by over 200 runners from 30 countries of the world. The challenge is not only to finish the race but also to reach the starting line at 5184m above sea level where the original Everest Base Camp is located. It can also be listed as one of the hardest marathons in the world. Whether you are a fell runner, an ultra-runner, international athlete, or adventure enthusiast, it is a great opportunity for you to challenge yourself and meet even more inspiring people. At the same time, you are helping rural Nepalese community to raise funds for developmental projects.

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 Only Skyrunning event in India - Solang Sky ultra

 "The ONLY proper mountain trail race in the country. If you're looking for a breathtaking ultra that will kick your ass, this is it"

- Nakul Bhatt, trail and ultra-runner.


 Skyrunning is an extreme sport of mountain running, above an altitude of 2000 meters where the incline exceeds 30% and the climbing difficulty does not exceed Grade 2. The route is a mix of motorable jeep tracks, easy to technical single track trails and river crossings. Categories include 100 km race with a total elevation of 6000 m, 60 km race with a total elevation of 3570 m and 30 km race with a total elevation of 1730 m. You should definitely save a date for sky running in 2019.

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 Rugged Sahyadri - Ultra Trail Running Marathon

 It is a self-supported race but Ruggedians are guaranteed to take backstories to tell and memories to cherish.


 The 50km race is not a mere one, as they will beckon by a legendary route and formidable challenges. The race will lead them across the diverse and gorgeous topography of Maharashtra with the combination of craggy, rolling and steep terrains. If you are a beginner, amateur trekker, adventure lover, or a wildlife enthusiast, you can also join the race for a distance of 10 km. It is a shorter race to provide racers with a perfect blend of history and bounty of the lush green tableland. Moreover, depending on the mood of the weather, expect rain, fog, and chilly breeze will create different filters along the terrain.

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Running is a sport that brings out the best in people. Unlike organized sports, where there is a team, a runner is competing for himself or herself, win or lose. And unlike other sports, it isn’t always the competition that pushes athletes on, sometimes it is the will and desire to achieve a goal, like running a marathon or overcoming adversity.



Pinkathon was founded by Milind Soman and Reema Sanghavi. The distance of the marathon is 10km. It is being organised to raise awareness about women’s health and mainly breast cancer which has become very common in women over the past few years. The money raised through the event is directed toward women who are suffering from breast cancer and are unable to afford its treatment. The event has had an average of 12000 participants which is held across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad since its inception.

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