Now that the 1st month of the new year is almost over, most new year resolutions must have already been broken. 

Well, here is a chance to change that!

We’ve got a fun way to actually test out your fitness level & win a few goodies in the process!

We bring to you- The TRUEREVO 30 second Burpee challenge.

Its a simple 30 second burpee challenge to help you understand where you really stand. Take the challenge, compare your stats & post on Instagram. That’s it!

Here what you need to do in a little more detail:

Step 1: Film yourself doing as many burpees as possible in 30 secs.

Step 2: Post your effort on Instagram using #truefit2019, tag in @truerevosportswear and the 2 friends (or foe) you nominate to take on the next leg of the burpee fitness challenge.

Lastly - Don't forget to follow TRUEREVO @truerevosportswear to test your mettle against all the buddies worldwide.

Step 3- WIN Prizes.

TRUEREVO will give out goodies to lucky winners & well (some) losers.

Winners will be the ones who have the maximum burpee count & also lucky losers will be the ones who have given out the best effort or have done his burpees in the most unusual location or condition.

FYI – wearing TRUEREVO apparel & posting videos gives you additional advantage to get the lucky loser awards J.


The average fit human being seems to be able to do between 11 to 13 correctly executed burpees (with push up & jump) in 30 seconds.

Numbers will be continuously updated when we keep receiving.

*above numbers are based on a sample set researched by our inhouse team in India & USA. Worldwide averages might vary.

Go on challenge yourself, you have nothing to lose & everything to gain. All the very best & please go easy on us, pretty please.

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