Running the Right Way – A Quick Tune Up!

There are right and wrong ways of doing almost everything; and when it comes to your body, ensuring you manage your fitness regimes the right way becomes even more crucial. As an avid runner, you of course know how important it is to ensure your muscles are well taken care of. But, there are some small yet important pointers that even the best of us tend to overlook.

Scan through this quick read on how to run the right way, to get the most out of your workout.

#1) Knees in line: Whether you’re jogging, running, or sprinting, your foot should always hit the ground under the respective knee, and not in front of it. This means, your left foot should fall under the left knee, and the right foot should fall under the right knee. In the long run, this will prevent jerks on your knee cap and prevent internal abrasion.

#2) Ninety degree elbows: Your elbows should ideally be bent at an angle of ninety degrees with your upper arms. A smaller, more acute angle is acceptable, but a larger angle is quite non-conducive to your overall running alignment and balance.

#3) Relaxed hands: This one applies to every runner, but especially to those of you who tend to carry smart phones and MP3 players in your hands as you run. Ensure that your hands hang loose below your chest, in symmetry with one another without plunging forward. This will ensure that you don’t get thrown off your gait, and will make you a more graceful runner. Make it a point to put your Smart Phone in your pocket while you run. If your running shorts have flimsy pockets, change over to a good pair of Smart Phone Shorts(hyperlink).

#4) A spring in your feet: When you run, the ground under you should act like a trampoline of sorts. How do you make that happen? You make sure that with every stride, you’re pushing up and off the earth under your feet. This helps reduce unnecessary friction, gives you the needed traction, and eliminates the initial lag completely.

#5) Short, quick strides: It can be tempting to start off your sprint with huge, long strides as you feel the wind in your face and channel all your hidden horsepower. However, this is quite detrimental to the rest of your workout regime. Such sprints will likely leave you out of breath and too tired to do anything else for a while afterwards. It is better to take short, quick strides as you run, to ensure that your cardio is balanced and healthy.

In the next article, we’ll tell you all about the running gear you should invest in, to improve your overall experience, and lend it longevity. Until then, keep running!

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