Pledge- Every day is Earth Day

“Human beings are at the centre of concerns for sustainable development.They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature”

(Principle 1 of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, Rio de Janeiro, 1992)

On this Earth Day where the motto is to “Restore the Earth” we bring you 9 cool ways that we can incorporate in our daily lives. These tips would not only help us lead a healthy and fit life but make the earth sustainable for our future generations. 

9 Healthy Habits everyone can practice in their daily lives, for a change in their lives and the environment:

1. Garden as though you will live forever

Plants look good for decorating homes, but did you know they also bring vitality to the home? In fact, researches show, plants play the same role indoors as they play outdoors- purification. People put high oxygen plants inside homes because they are like medicine for people for all ages. So, if you’re living in one of the urban areas of the world and are exposed to dirt and pollution, you need indoor plants the most. Plants reduce stress, sharpen focus and even shorten the recovery time for certain health conditions.

      An interesting fact- Just like us, plants have emotions and are disturbed by noise pollution, so  do take care of your indoor plants!

 2. Nature always wears the colours of the spirit

Spending time in green spaces has a lot of health benefits, some you might already know like green spaces reduce stress and promote mental well-being. Exercising in the open and green spaces is also more enjoyable than following a mundane routine in the gym. So take a resolution this Earth day to go outdoors and play, enjoy and also protect the common Earth for all of us!

6 outdoor exercises you can venture into-

hiking, running, mountain biking, outdoor yoga, outdoor sports, plogging.

3. We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste plastic perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly 

Plastic contributes to a major portion of the daily-waste produced by humans on earth. Did you know, Americans buy 29 billion plastic water bottles a year, and only one of every six is tossed in the recycling bin. The others sit in landfills for up to 450 years before degrading.

Countries are bringing major curbs to the use of plastics, and specially single use plastic.

Fitness Enthusiasts like you and me, can curb the use of plastics by promoting tin/steel bottles which are easily available in stores. 

We can also use homemade nutrition bars to keep a check on the plastic from nutrition bars available in the market. I’m doing it, are you?

 4. Master the Five-Minute Shower

 A shower is a must after every physical activity and feels good. But you’ll be surprised to know that, due to the increasing human population, water is not available for daily use in many African countries. This fact boils down to the point that everybody should take short showers. Typically, a 5 minute shower is an excellent way to be eco-friendly.

Here’s a great practice you can do- Take a “One-Song” shower!

5. Bike to Work, Bike to Play, Bike Tomorrow, Bike Today!

To drive or to bike? That can be a challenging decision on a breezy winter morning. 

But hopping on to the bicycle can reduce your carbon footprint and bring your conscience at peace in the fight against climate change. Regular cycling benefits health in a major way and can bring fruits to all aspects of life, social and official.

6. Pollution is not a solution - Recycle Your Gear

When you’re ready to replace your old gear, donate or recycle it to give it new life, instead of sending it to a landfill where it will pollute the environment for decades. Did you know that thrift stores will accept gently used workout gear as donations, and there are many organisations dedicated to providing donated gear to those in need. I hope this Earth Day you have got to know a new step forward, towards combating climate change. 

7. Plogging

 Take advantage of the amazing weather and move your workout outside. While going for a walk or jog we can bring a garbage bag along to pick up the trash on the road and dispose of it in a dustbin. The society—and your abs with all that bending over to pick trash up—will most definitely be thanking you for the difference you’ve made!

8. Meditate with candles and save electricity

One of the best ways to start your morning or to end your day is to meditate. Meditation is a way to concentrate and be in your present. It helps in re-energizing your body and mind. There are many ways to meditate, one of them being trataka. Trataka is a meditation technique done while focusing on a small object. This is usually done using a candle where you gaze and focus on a candle flame. This attention to the candle flame brings energy to the third eye. So let’s switch off our lights and Meditate while saving electricity.

9. Squat To Plant a Tree

Do 100 squats, plant 50 trees. This Earth Day, take a fitness edge in saving the environment.

The noble cause of planting a tree can be taken as a fitness exercise to plant more trees. This is a motivation one can have to uplift his/her own life and the lives of others. 

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