How to Increase Core Strength without Weights


Which is the most effective exercise you've done to build abs? Did you know that every physical movement helps build abs or core strength? So the latest fad, lifting weights at the nearby gym to build abs, has many alternatives. We will give you a list of 3 exciting workouts, when practised regularly, will get the desired results. So get on with it, tomorrow is always a better sunrise!

Meditation is a must with all three workouts.

Workout 1- Walking and Yoga

Daily Routine 1: 1 hour of walking, in the morning


Walking Practices:

  1. Exercise while walking- You can do stretches with your arms.
  2. Pull in in your core while walking- Breathe in and pull in your belly button.
  3. Punch as you walk- Hold your hands in fists at shoulder height and take one arm forward, then the other.
  4. Take ab-exercise breaks while walking- Taking short exercise breaks while walking will make for a perfect workout.
  5. Walk uphill- Walking uphill will boost fat-burning and toning.

Daily Routine 2: 1 hour of yoga, in the evening

Yoga asanas to do:

  1. Forward bend- also known as Padahastasan
  2. Sitting half spinal twist- also known as Ardha Matsyendrasna
  3. Boat pose- also known as Naukasna
  4. Bow pose- also known as Dhanurasana
  5. Bridge pose- also known as Setu Bandhasana
  6. Superman pose- also known as Viparita Salabhasana

Do 15 sets of Surya Namaskars daily for full-body toning.

Workout 2- Jogging and Strength Exercises

Daily Routine 1: 30 minutes of running, in the morning

Running Practises:

  1. Stretch before and after running- Adding stretching to the running routing helps avoid injury
  2. Do sprints and strides- Short sprints and strides boost- morale, metabolism and mind
  3. Wear short and breathable clothes- Comfortable clothes are a prerequisite to pleasant workouts.

Daily Routine 2: 30 minutes of strength exercises, in the evening


Exercises to do:

  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Leg Lifts
  • Core roll up
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Mountain climber twists


Workout 3- Sports Workout


Daily Routine: 1 hour and 30 minutes of sports during a day

Swimming, Cycling, Tennis, Golf, Squash and Badminton are sports that can be played regularly for a strong core.

Diet tips for building ab muscles:

  1. Avoid junk food
  2. Avoid sugar
  3. Avoid aerated drinks
  4. Avoid oily food
  5. Eat fruits and vegetables
  6. Eat wheat, rice and pulses
  7. Don't overeat

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