How to Dress Like a Pro Football Player

Temperatures are running high as one of the biggest sporting events of our times comes to the verge of culminating. To watch two amazing teams of athletes battle it out on the field, is going to be nothing short of exhilarating.

Apart from the pressure of playing well, international and league football players often have the added pressure of dressing the part when they set out to play. Naturally, with all eyes on their every move, what they wear before, during, and after the game is observed just as much as the game itself.

A lot of curiosity has often surrounded the workout routines and gear used by professional soccer players.

Before the big world cup finals, we give you insider tips on how to dress like a pro.

#1 Start by deciding on eye catching colour palettes that are also complementary, when you create individual ‘looks’ for each day of the week. Each day’s outfit needs be in sync with the actual training routine you’re going to be involved in.

#2 For outdoor runs, and workouts on grass and mud, pros invest in a good pair of studded cleats. Football pros pay special attention to the studs they use on field while playing and training. Cleats can be moulded onto the shoe bottom, or they can be detachable. We recommend using detachable cleats so you can use one pair of shoes on multiple surfaces.

#3 For indoor workouts, TRUEREVO fitness experts recommend using shoes with enhanced patterns and grooves on the bottom, instead of cleats. Such shoes can be used while operating your gym machinery as well, provided you don’t use them outdoors.

#4 Since football can be contact heavy, pros often wear high quality gear & some protective gear such as abdomen guards, and shin guards. This is a good tip to incorporate into your football routine & can prevent unnecessary injuries.

#5 The big hidden secret of most PRO’s today are the “Double layer shorts”. What you probably do not know is that currently most Football pros use two layer shorts while training, playing on the field. Two layer shorts prevent chafing, thrombosis, and muscle damage to a large extent. Layered shorts that are designed for running allow for enhanced elasticity and muscle movement, and improve blood circulation & can make a huge difference in such a high intensity & running based sport like football.

Most of today’s professionals from Ronaldo to Messi to even Perisic (who will be featured in today’s FIFA final wear these).

If you’re looking to buy a pair, practical features like the ones in TRUEREVO’s shorts where your shorts are designed to hold your smart phone in place, can come in quite handy.

You can get these supercool Phone Shorts here.

#6 Ultra light running and sports tees are ideal; fabrics used by soccer pros have anti-bacterial and anti-stink properties, fast dry technology. Incase you want to buy a multi-purpose tee then get one with reflective details on the front, back, and sides to ensure safety when running or jogging outdoors.

Some of the best performance tees of this sort can be seen here.


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