How to burn belly fat exercising 15 minutes a day

A flabby belly is a concern to many people, especially teenagers and workaholics.

Work from home, study from home, commerce-at-the-doorstep are new habits that can be a boon and a bane.

Belly fat is caused when people live sedentary lives. It not just makes your clothes feel tighter, but also causes diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and others.

People who have busy lifestyles need just 15 minutes of exercise every day, to look better, feel better and live better!

Here's a list of 10 exercises with how-to-do steps. Practice each exercise for 60 seconds, with a 20 seconds break for the next exercise.

  1. Leg Raise
Leg raise
    • Lie flat on the back with legs raised straight in front of you.
    • Bend your knees and raise your legs.
    • Straighten your legs until your feet are pointed at the ceiling and then hold.
    • Slowly lower your legs- resist touching the ground. 
    1. Jumping Rope

     jumping rope

    • Choose the right rope.
    • Stand up and pick the rope- hold the ends of the rope at waist length, on both sides.
    • Step over the rope.
    • Use your hands and wrists to swing the rope over the head.
    • When the rope is coming towards the front of your feet, hop over it.
    • Set a pace that works for you.
    1. Cobra Pose


     cobra pose

    • Lie face down and centered on your mat.
    • Press into the floor with both hands next to the shoulders.
    • Now, pull your shoulders slightly back- down and away from your ears.
    • Engage your abs by drawing your belly button towards your spine and bend your back inwards.
    • Hold the pose for 4-5 normal breaths.
    • Exhale and come back down. 
    1. Push-ups
    push ups
        • Get on the ground- lay with toes on the ground holding yourself up with your hands.
        • Raise your body by pushing the ground with the hands. Power comes from shoulders and chest.
        • Repeat, lowering and rising at a steady pace.
        1. Plank
        • Lay on the stomach with your arms bent at the elbow, so that your hands are under your shoulders.
        • Raise slowly so your arms are extended and you're on your toes, with your legs and back straight.
        • Hold to the count of 10. Get back down.
        1. Crunches
          • Lie on your back on the floor(use an exercise mat).
          • Bend the knees so the feet are flat on the floor.
          • Now, cross your arms in front of your chest.
          • Lift the shoulder blades off of the floor in a smooth, controlled motion.
          • Hold for 3-4 seconds and go back down. 
          1. Crossing Climber
          crossing climber
            • Get down on the floor on your hands and toes, and keep your arms straight.
            • Pull one knee up towards the midsection of the chest.
            • Come back and repeat the action with the other knee.
            • Continue to alternate the movement with both legs.
            1. Jump Squats
            jump squats
              • Stand straight with your feet parallel.
              • Now get into the squat position- come to a position as if you're sitting on an invisible chair and go down more without lifting your heels off the ground.
              • Rise forcefully and jump as high as you can with your hands straight up.
              • Land comfortably with your foot balls landing first and then the rest of your feet.
              1. Squat to Knee Lift Twist

              squat to knee lift twist

              • Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.
              • Get into a deep squat position with arms straight in front of the chest and palms facing inward.
              • Come out of the squat and stand up, lifting your right knee in front of the hip and balancing on the left leg, as the arms extend to the sides of the shoulders and the upper body rotates right.
              • Come back to the starting position. Switch sides and repeat.
              1. Side Plank with leg lift 
              side plank
                • Get down on the floor on your hands and toes and keep your arms straight.
                • Exhale and roll your body towards the right, lifting your right arm straight up
                • and placing your right foot and leg on the left foot and leg.
                • Lift your right leg, from the heel, and count to 3.
                • Repeat and switch sides.


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