Fall 9 times, Rise Again 10 times. How golf changed my perspective on Life

A candid interview with Mr. Anshul Patel, professional golfer, & winner of Indian National Amateur Championship 2015.

Anshul Patel professional Indian Golfer

“I love golf because I fell in love with the flight of the golf ball”

Anshul Patel is a professional golfer and aims to play in the most challenging golf tours in the world. He decided to play professional golf after completing his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and was the first one from Gujarat to win a National Amateur Championship in 2015. He has represented India as an amateur golfer in Thailand. Anshul has been a sportsman at heart since childhood. He has captained his school football team, played table tennis at the state level and played volleyball at the district level. Born and brought up in Gujarat, he has been playing golf since he was 11.

 Anshul loves food and trying different kinds of cuisines. He feels that golf should become affordable for everyone.

TRUEREVO managed to interview him while he was preparing for his upcoming tournament. Anshul has a candid nature and likes people to call him by his name, not by the exemplary Sir. Patels attitude reflects his philosophy of life- Fall 9 times, Rise Again 10 times. 


Question: How did you keep up during the lockdown?                                        

Anshul: I kept practicing my putting and kept making swings with my other clubs to see my swing. I started working out a lot. I kept myself busy with regular meditation practices. I kept a check on my diet, because when youre not moving much, you have a tendency to gain weight, and that is the last thing you want as a professional golfer.

Question: Why do you love golf and what motivates you?

Anshul: I love the sight of a ball flight after being hit. It just gives me some amazing satisfaction.

Trying to become better every day and trying to reach my goal motivates me. I never planned to take it up professionally but as I got better at it I started enjoying it more and I loved the competitiveness it brought out in me because in this sport you are playing against yourself. While playing Golf you are always surrounded by nature. Every Golf course is beautiful in its way and thats the beauty of this game.

Question: Which golfer do you consider your role model and why?

Anshul: Anirban Lahiri, because of the way and the circumstances hes come up from and how humble he is. He has worked his way through everything to be where he is right now. Plus Anirban and I have the same family background, my dad motivated me to play and his dad also motivated him to play.

Also, Tiger woods is my all-time favorite golfer because of what he has done for the sport. I wish him luck to recover from his recent injury.

Question: What is your fitness schedule like?

Anshul: I work out 4-5 days a week. Every day, I run, do exercises, do yoga and practice meditation. Meditation gives me focus in life. Running with music is one of the best activities during my day. It keeps me pumped up for more work. Also, having a good diet makes a big difference for my game.

Question: How was it representing India? Describe your experience and the highlight of the time you represented India.

Anshul: [laughs] So the first time I got the news I was really over the moon because that has always been my dream, to represent India. So, I was playing at the golf course when I got the news, I got an email from IGU saying that you will be representing India in Thailand. I was super happy, I called up my dad first because he was the first person who wanted me to represent India. Then I called up at home, I called up my mom, I told dada, dadi, everyone. Then I got my jacket from the organization and the T-shirts, and I was super excited to represent India. Like it's just a different feeling, anyone would do anything to make it happen. I represented India in 4 tournaments, it's a different experience, it's like there is bigger stuff than you and the game. I played decently well, not that great, a couple of rounds I played well. It was an amazing experience overall.

Question: Who are the supporting pillars in your golf career?

Anshul: My parents and my coach Vijay sir. My dad has been an amazing pillar of strength for me. My dad has always wanted me to give my best and not focus on the result, because I cannot control the result, I can only control my game.

Question: What are your future goals in life?

Anshul: Be the best version of myself off the golf course and be the best player on the golf course. I want to play on the USPGA Tour and the European Tour.

Question: What do you have to say about TrueRevo apparel?

Anshul: TrueRevo products are truly amazing. The product that I use the most is shorts with a phone pocket for music.


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