Champions Don't Cry

Competing with the best boosts morale. Today, challenge yourself for one more round of exercise, trying to beat the world record of that exercise! Keep in mind that, if not today, tomorrow there's still a chance! Is doing planks, push-ups and squats your passion? Take your passion to a whole new level with sweat, music and a timer. 

Now, only you can stop yourself, nothing else.

Here's a list of exercises with their respective world records. Try to beat them, for your workout motivation- taking small steps at a time

1. Plank

World Record

Timing: 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds

by George Hood, USA


Steps to do a plank:

(a) Place your hands under your shoulders while lying on your stomach with your arms bent at the elbow.
(b) Raise yourself slowly until your arms are extended and you're standing on your toes, your legs and back straight.
(c) Keep a count of ten in your head. Return to your original place.

2. Push-ups

World Record

Most Push-ups In One Minute: 140

by Krunoslav Budiselic, Croatia

Most Push-ups In One Hour: 2919

by Jarrad Young, Australia

 Steps to do push-ups

(a) Get down on the ground and stand up with your hands, toes on the ground.
(b) Raise your body by pressing your hands into the ground. The shoulders and chest are the sources of power.
(c) Lower and raise at a steady pace.

3. Squats


World Record

Most Squats In One Minute: 80

by Ali Mounir, Egypt

Most Squats In One Hour: 4708

by Paddy Doyle, UK

 Steps to do squats

(a) Plant your feet shoulder-width apart on the ground, with your toes pointing slightly outward.
(b) Sit as if you're sitting on an imaginary seat, lower yourself further without taking your heels off the ground. 
(c) To keep your balance, extend your arms straight forward and force your hips back as you descend. 
(c) Repeat upward and downward.

4. Pull-ups

World Record

Most Pull-ups In One Minute: 74

by Hong Zhongtao, China

Most Pull-ups In One Hour: 1124

by Jan Kares, Czech Republic

Steps to do pull-ups

(a) With your palms facing whatever way you want(outward or inward), grab a pull-up bar.
(b) Pull your body weight up to the point that your head is just above the bar. When you raise yourself, to centre your body weight, you should cross your feet under you.
(c) Allow your arms to completely stretch while lowering yourself.
(d) Once your arms are fully extended, pull yourself up again.

5. Skipping Rope

World Record

Most Skips In One Minute: 203

by Zorawar Singh, India

Most Skips in One Hour: 13,714

by Rob Rijk, Netherlands


Steps to do skipping rope:
    (a) Select the appropriate rope.
    (b) Pick up the rope while standing up and keeping the ends at waist length on both sides.
    (c) Step over the rope.
    (d) Swing the rope over your head with your hands and wrists.
    (e) Hop over the rope as it approaches the front of your foot.
    (f) Set a rhythm that is comfortable for you.

      Tips to build stamina:

      1. Rest- For the body to maintain the intensity of a workout for 5 days a week, it requires complete relaxation for two days. Research says that an adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep daily. Inadequate sleep of fewer than 6 hours can lead to many health concerns such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and illness to name a few.
      2. Yoga and Meditation- Yoga and meditation relieve stress and help in gaining endurance and having less fatigue. Studies show that yoga and meditation help build mental stamina which leads to more physical activity. The breathing patterns become normal, heart rate slows down and there is a union of body, mind and soul which brings more joy to perform.
      3. Music- Listening to music while exercising, has been proven in a study to have a significant effect on your cardiac performance, as your heart rate slows and you can work out more effectively. While exercising, listening to music has shown to reduce exhaustion and improve performance.
      4. Caffeine- Caffeine, as has been shown in studies, improves stamina for high-intensity exercise, and sports. The prescribed dosage is 200–400 mg, taken 30–60 minutes before a workout, depending on body weight. Although try not to take caffeine regularly as it builds up a tolerance.
      5. Ashwagandha- Herbs will also help you raise your energy levels and increase your overall stamina. Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that has a variety of health benefits, including increased energy and concentration. Although this herb is considered to be safe and effective for the majority of people, it is always a fine decision to talk to your doctor before taking it.

      Tips to increase motivation:

      1. Share your goal achievements with family and friends- Practise exercise regularly and make it a decision to smile whatever the result may be. Sharing your goals and achievements with your cheering squad can help you be socially uplifted and motivated.
      2. Have uninterrupted time and space- When you're practising at home, ensure your social attachments don't come in the way of your daily exercise routine. Be disciplined, determined and dedicated to ensuring you have long and disturbance-free workouts. 
      3. Have a fitness partner- Having a fitness partner is a major motivation. A fitness trainer will make you stick to your fitness goals and guide you on your path to wellness. Also, a gym buddy can bring the competition factor to your workouts, and competition is healthy!
      4. Make it convenient- Sometimes you might need an immediate dose of exercise to cheer yourself up and to increase your energy, at this point, make yourself convenient and work out at home rather than driving 30 minutes to the gym. Also, workout can be done at any time of the day, suit your convenience to be able to workout more.
      5. Reward yourself- Set achievable goals, follow the process, set the timer and with whatever endurance level you persevere for, be happy and treat yourself after the exercise. For example, a dessert once a week or a body massage session.

      Safety Tip-

      Do not exert yourself, keep yourself hydrated and take breaks.



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      World Records Source: Guinness World Records


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