Bach Flower Therapy

Bach Flower Therapy- Heal with Flower Power

"Behind all disease lie our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes."



What is Bach Flower Therapy?


Bach Flower Therapy is a natural method of healing discovered by an English surgeon, bacteriologist and homoeopath Dr Edward Bach, during the early 1930s. It is a simple system of healing prepared from the wild plants, flowers and trees found in the countryside of the UK. 

Bach Therapy consists of 38 unique remedies prepared from nature. It is important to note, that the Bach Flower Remedies may be employed to prevent psychological and physical illness and in support of prescribed treatment, but cannot be used to replace treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.


What do Bach Flower Remedies help us in?


Fighting Disease- According to Dr Bach, disharmony between the personality and the soul is the root cause of all disease- imbalances is the true cause of disease. The best time to take the remedy is when an imbalance first arises, long before a physical illness begins.


Overcoming Emotional Disturbances- The 38 flower remedies each aim at a different state of mind or emotions from which mankind can suffer. It covers various known emotional states such as depression, worry, fear, anger, despair, anxiety etc. 


Limiting Personality Traits- They also help us to overcome personality limitations such as dominating, shyness, aggression, laziness and lack of self-confidence. All traits that keep us from success at work or relationships.

Overall Self-development- Sometimes our wavering emotions and external influences make it difficult for us to hear our inner voice, and we are unable to align our goals to it with focus and clarity. Bach Flower Remedies help clear the confusion and calm the mind, so we can take the correct decision. For eg the flower remedy 'Wild Oat' gives us direction when we are clueless about our career path, and 'Walnut' protects us from disruptive influences that cause us to stray from our path.

Vibrating Positive Affirmations- Each flower not only corrects our negative imbalance but also instils a positive affirmation within us. For eg., Holly is a flower for those who give in to anger, rage, feelings of envy and jealousy. After taking this remedy the person will be filled with a positive potential - he will become warmhearted, radiate goodwill and have a profound understanding of human emotions.


Examples of Bach Flower Remedies used for day to day issues

White Chestnut — used for unwanted repetitive thoughts.

Walnut — used to help adapt to change and to protect oneself from outside influences.

Mimulus — used for everyday, common fears and anxieties, when a person knows what they are afraid of; also for shyness and timidity.

Impatiens — used for impatience and irritation.

Holly — used for anger and spite caused by hatred, jealousy and suspicion.


How Do Bach Flower Remedies Work?


4 drops 4 times a day sets into motion a unique cycle of healing and transformation. The beauty of this system is that it is tailor-made for each one. Each flower embodies certain energy or vibration that aims at healing or balancing a particular human state of mind or certain potential of the soul. E.g. the Flower Essence Larch corresponds to the potential that has to do with self-esteem. Taking Larch sends an impulse to and unblocks the energy field that is distorting this potential and reestablishes the positive vibration: lack of confidence transforms into self-esteem.


What is Rescue Remedy?


Although not a remedy in itself, Rescue Remedy is probably the best known of the Bach Flower Remedies. It is also called the "5 Flower Remedy" or "Emergency Formula". As the name suggests, it is used during emergencies, a crisis of any type- death, accident, shock, interview, dentist appointment or examination. It can be given externally as well as internally, for example, if someone is unconscious and unable to swallow the drops in the normal way. To apply externally, either dab a few drops onto the pulse points or use the diluted remedy to moisten the person's lips.

Do Bach Flower Remedies work on animals?


Emotions and reactions in animals, as in people, translate into behaviours, which in turn form their personalities. We can cure negative experiences that animals have or suffer from, by treating the emotions that come with them, with Bach Flower remedies. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, cows, chickens, ducks, bulls, exotic animals, farm animals, and, for example, any animal living in a zoo or captivity can all benefit from the Bach Flower Remedies.

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Note: It is advisable to consult a Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner before using remedies.



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