19 Reasons to join a running club

1. You can meet like-minded individuals.

A running club is a focussed group of people and being part of such a group overall uplifts everyone in the group

2. You'll receive advice and guidance from other members.

 There will be times when you would need help, you can just post on the club and there will be someone who might have faced the same issue.

 3. More experienced runners will be able to coax you past 'the wall'.

 The wall’ is only in your mind, you can do it and the fellow runners will be able to get you to the same. 


4. You can share your achievements with other members.

If you have just run a marathon or just completed 2 Kms without a break - share your achievement and group will take you to even greater height. On a club like we have on Strava your runs get automatically recorded through app and you can share your achievement with others.

5. You`ll have fun


 6. You will make friends for life

 Slowly you will develop a special strong bond with runners in your club and you will look forward to see how they are doing.

 7. You will get in shape

 Yes ! Who doesn`t like to impress others.

 8. You could receive correction on your running technique

This is a very important point. The clubs usually have coaches and runners who overlook the team. One can get significant improvement in running technique

 9. Accountability

 Running requires discipline and a running club will help you get the same.

10. Socialize with other runners

The bonds formed help to motivate and inform as you train and become a better runner.These running club friendships also foster team spirit.

11. Find New Races

Your running club buddies can introduce you to races you've never heard or thought to try. 

12. Something more for social media

 You are on social media, may be this will give you more content for your FB, Instagram Stories.

13. Better than friends

 Finding out that your buddy is also a runner can be a great boost to your confidence and a massive motivation, but as soon as your friend drops his level of running, yours will suffer too. Not so with a running club.

14. Auto-motivate

 As Dean Hardman writes in the Guardian’s Running Blog, “Motivation can also be an issue for some and a peek out of the curtains on a cold, wet January night can sometimes result in pyjamas rather than Lycra being pulled out of the wardrobe.” And now think about the fact that you aren’t alone and suddenly the weariness dissipates. And we all need a kick up our backsides from time to time. Running clubs and groups can do that for you, without making you feel horrible.

15. Beyond running

Yes, a running club or group is primarily about running, but that doesn’t mean your bond won’t spill over into other activities? Love reading, you are likely to find a bookworm in your group.

16. International Exposure

 The TRUEREVO Running Squad on Strava is an international running squad. Nothing beats the experience that you will competing internationally and not in a local group. The inherent desire to know how runners across the world run and you see the scenic beauty from different countries through photos posted on club makes you feel that you were also present when they were running.

 17. You will be able to help out other runners

 If you are coach or you have been running since a long time you can help someone who has just started running and help him find nirvana in running.

18. You will spend more time outdoors

 In current age where digital media has captured our lives you will get some nature time to help you rejuvenate and be more fresh for the work ahead.

 19. This will make you a better human being

Believe us, running in a group will make you a better human being try it out.

Join our Running Squad Club on Strava and get access to athletes across 50+ Countries.

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