Run to Burn

Fitness is not just an interest or a hobby anymore. It is a way of living, a practice you need to embrace. With the changing lifestyles and the looming pressure of work, and the scarce choice of healthy eating available to us, you don't have an option but to embrace fitness. This brings us to the point that while fitness is important, most of us are unaware of the right way to reach the destination called ‘healthy living’.

Every year, we hear of new trends in the space of fitness. But there is one thing that is absolutely timeless and magical in impact. And that is, well, no prizes for guessing, running. You may have bought the best of fitness accessories and sportswear online, but still not taken the plunge to actually get your hands dirty, isn’t it? Which is why running?

Running makes a lot of sense because all you need to do is buy running shorts and shoes and get on the job. No training or help required. Running is effective in building health, increasing stamina, and reducing weight. Research shows that running can raise levels of good cholesterol.

It also helps in increasing lung function and use. Running is best known to boost the immune system and lower the risk of developing blood clots. This form of exercise is especially good for women. It can actually help to lower your risk of breast cancer. It can also help reduce the risk of having a stroke.

Additionally, running is a great stress buster because it forces the body to exert excess energy and hormones, hence leaving the mind at peace. Now that you are convinced about all the benefits of running and get all set to put on the best running shorts for men available out there, here’s a reality check: running right is as important as running. And a lot of times, we don’t end up running the right way.

So, here’s all that you need to do to run right and make sure it’s effective.

Maintain the right posture

As some experts describe it, running tall is imperative for a good run. You should stay so upright like somebody is pulling your head backwards while you are on the go. Slouchy run not only diminishes the benefits of exercise, it can lead to lethargy also.

The right angle

We are talking about the pillars of your run here: your feet. When it comes to having the right angle for the run, balance is the key. You should not land on your toes, but you can’t have your toes pointing at the sky either.

Shorten your stride

Shortening the stride does not mean that you reduce your speed, it just implies that you should not put extra strain on yourself to make your foot reach too far in front of the body.

Running indoors

While running outdoors always seems like the more enticing option, treadmill comes as a good substitute when outdoors is not feasible.

While you are on the machine, make sure you keep changing the speed every now and then since your body tends to get acclimatized to one speed and stops burning fat after a point of time. You can either alternate between say 6 and 12 for one minute each, or in a run of 15 minutes, increase the speed by 2 at least thrice for short intervals.

Wear right

As a soldier marching on to the warfield, make sure you are properly attired. Your clothes should always be washed, preferably coming with an antibacterial finish to keep infections at bay. They should also be fitted well to support the muscles and avoid discomfort.

With changing times and changing needs, you need products which look after all your requirements. Running shorts with phone pockets are one such product. The compression pieces which avoid too much movement make for comfortable and desirable wear. Now that you have the right strategy in place, one last suggestion: do not have any inhibitions about running.

Just make sure you are having fun and unwinding right. Rest assured, it will be a good ride! If you are excited about the new shenanigans, you might want to check out the fabulous line of workout shorts with phone pockets at TRUEREVO’s online store.

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