5 effective at home workouts for beginners

People nowadays try to adopt more and more complicated workout plans to help them achieve their fitness goals. However, simplicity will always be the best choice when it comes to intense physical activity. Why go out of your way to try crazy exercises, when the most basic ones can bring you equally amazing benefits. Exercising at home is a good way to lose some extra weight and keep your body fit at the same time.

"The more muscular fitness you have, the greater the capacity you have to burn calories. What makes an exercise functional is how you perform the exercise. If you have bad technique, it's no longer functional.", says Mrunal Ved fitness professional and founder, FitFormance.

The Workouts
Can you exercise at the comfort of your home? Whether you want to save time, cash, or you're just not a gym person, these 5 workouts allow you to sweat it out your way on your own time. Fitness expert Mrunal Ved has come up with a few sets of exercise to do at home which will help you stay fit.

1. Work plank

Because it engages all your core muscles, work plank is one of the best exercises for tummy tightening. While it might not give you a flat belly overnight, results will start showing over time. On top of that, it also helps build abdominal endurance, which will help you withstand more difficult workouts in the future. And in addition to that, it’s easy to perform too.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack is an aerobic cardio exercise, is known to aid weight loss. A jumping jack makes for an incredibly effective workout that will help you stay in shape right from the very comfort of your home. It helps to burn the excess calories, thereby creating a negative energy balance in the body. It also helps improve your flexibility and doing a high-intensity version of it can also help improve muscle tone, thereby shaping your thighs, buttocks, calves, shoulders, and arms.

3. Lunges

A lunge is a single-leg bodyweight exercise that works your hips, quads, hamstrings, core, and the hard-to-reach muscles of the inner thigh. Lunges are a quintessential exercise; you can do them anywhere and the effects can be seen in no time, in the form of shapely, toned legs and backside. A proper lunge posture can help you achieve a stronger and more stable core. This workout engages your core and abdominal muscles. It helps you build stability which when you move your hips up and down. A stronger core allows you deal with lower back pain and improves your balance and posture as well.

4. Squats

Squats are one of the best functional exercises that help your body perform real life activities - and are one of the best and most natural ways of toning your body. If you’re looking for a quick and easy workout to strengthen your backside, then squats are the perfect choice for you. They work on your quads, calves, and hamstrings, which is incredible for your overall core and promotes weight loss at the same time. Squat exercises can be done with or without weights. Either way will benefit you, and by adding weights will lead to improvements to overall muscle mass.

5. Push-ups

Although the pushup is perhaps one of the most traditional exercises out there, doing it right and getting the most out of it is quite the challenge. If done correctly, the push-up can strengthen the chest, shoulders, triceps, and even the core trunk muscles, all at one time. They help you focus on your arms, abs and your lower body, all at the same time. They train your muscles to work together and become stronger.

As a small recap, daily workout sessions comprised of plank, jumping jacks, squats, pushups and lunges reps are a sure way to stay fit from the very comfort of your own home. However, you need to make sure that you are performing them right, or else you won’t see any visible improvements as far as your muscles and amount of body fat are concerned.

Remember not to overwork yourself under any circumstances. Don’t push beyond your capabilities. Surpassing your limits is fine every now and then but exaggerating in this respect won’t do you any good in the long run.
"Done with good technique, all exercises do what they're supposed to do.", concludes Mrunal Ved.

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